Maths & English

Two-tier programme of workshops

and personalised homework

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The MagiKats system follows an individual approach, meaning that each student from preschool age through to GCSE works at their own pace and to their own goals.   

The MagiKats system is two-tier with students attending weekly workshops, as well as completing personalised homework which enables each student to strengthen and practice their core skills.

Workshop tier:

Students attend a weekly small group workshop with the material supporting the UK National Curriculum.  All of our materials have been developed (and are continually updated) by our team of subject specialist writers ensuring that we stay abreast of changes to the UK National Curriculum.  The workshop environment is set up in such a way that as well as working independently and collaboratively, each student also benefits from one-to-one support during each session. 


Rather than relying on technology (this is not computer based learning!), our approach uses investigative learning techniques, combined with a multi-sensory approach, to develop strong subject knowledge.  Students also develop their study skills, thinking skills and problem solving skills - making the benefits of attending a MagiKats workshop extend beyond the subject(s) they are studying. 

Homework tier:

Students are set up to 10 short pieces of homework per week.  Homework is personalised per student in order that each individual can practice their core skills and concentrate on their personal weak areas.  The homework is set in a methodical way using the MagiKats system, so to ensure that there are no gaps in a student's learning.

Workshops with spaces:

Thursdays 4.00-6.00pm  

Fridays 4.00-6.00pm 

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Note: we have both virtual and in-person options for all of our classes.

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