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Learn and Grow Tuition was established by Nicola Dempsey Grijalva, a local mum of two young children.   Having been a high achiever at school enabled by the extra curricular tuition that she attended throughout her school life, she desired the same for her two young children but could not find exactly what she was looking for locally.

In respect of Spanish and French, through her own efforts in bringing up her two children as bilingual she knew how important it was for students to be fully immersed in the target language, for Spanish to be taught in Spanish and French to be taught in French.  Not being able to find exactly what she was looking for locally, she set about establishing her own style of classes delivered by native teachers through the brand Brilliant Bilinguals.


In respect of Maths and English there was a desire to return to the traditional teaching methods of pen to paper,  the type of workshops she could remember attending as a child.  There was a desire to stay away from computer based learning.  This is when she came across the two-tier MagiKats system.


At Learn and Grow Tuition we believe in the power of education and that everyone should work to the best of their ability to achieve their personal best.  Through the brands Brilliant Bilinguals and MagiKats, we provide tuition in the subjects of MATHS, ENGLISH, SPANISH and FRENCH.